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Hi, I'm Emily. I approach fashion topics from a designer's point of view. Fashion designers are vastly under-represented in fashion media.

I'm here to give us a voice.

I started documenting the process of designing a Spring 2020 collection on my YouTube channel. We’re chugging along with the collection. What was suppoed to be a quick update, quickly turned into a long one.

The current BIG PICTURE challenges are:

  1. Making a MTO collection. I decided to only make garments that people order. In exception to the collection samples that need to be presented to customers or stores. I’m not going t...

This book has very calculated, organized advise.

This book is for anyone that, like me, likes things spelled out for them. Likes clear questions, and clear to-do lists. Everything is broken down into manageable steps.

The Closet Diagnostics at the beginning of the book is very helpful if you feel like you’ve already started the journey. It helps you decide where you are in your current wardrobe curation, and what chapter to skip...

Today is the 1-year anniversary of my article, 8 Reasons Fashion Designers Don't Dress Well. I just reread the whole thing, and I like how honest and unedited it is. There's a certain realness to it.

I just found Man Repeller's podcast last week, called Monocycle. I'm thinking back to listening to Episode 54: Is The Personal Essay Dead? I'm trying to decide if my article is personal essay style. I guess not, because it's not a...

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