In Chinese symbology, those born in the year of the snake are regarded as intelligent, graceful, and materialistic. They tend to be charming and popular.

Black and red are considered lucky colors for the snake zodiac sign.



This collection was designed with stylized interpretations and texture in reptile pattern shapes.

Reversibility is used in every garment to prioritize versatility and functionality for the modern professional Chinese woman.

This dress was knitted in a 2-color birdseye jacquard structure. When knitted, the black elastic yarn condenses the stitches creating concave shapes, while the wool/cotton fiber creates convex shapes, resulting in dimension and structure.


The alternating black elastic stitches on the backside are hidden by the protruding light gray stitches, causing the backside to appear as a solid light gray color from a distance.


This stitch creates a solid foundation for exploration of reversible garments.


  • Reversible Birdseye Jacquard

  • Elastic yarn for jacquard pattern texture, bodycon fit, and structure

  • 2 Color Pattern 

  • Full-Fashioning

  • Tubular Armhole and Neck Seams

50% Merino Wool

50% Cotton

2/30 NM   1 End

Color - Light Gray

81% Nylon 19% Lycra

180D   1 End

Color - Black

This is an assortment of places this dress has made a cameo. Because of it’s high contrast pattern, it is visually eye-catching and great for photos.


An editorial.

The DAFF fashion show.

Below: an article in InStyle Magazine, the cover of Urban Family Magazine, and the style section of That’s Shanghai Magazine.


These images showcase the dress’s distinct, yet versatile character.

We worked with boutiques across Shanghai, like Covetry in Takashimaya department store, Yours Life Shop on Julu Road, Madame Mao’s Dowry on Fumin Road, and Mode In Asia on Xinle Road.

We also had an online presence with Taobao, Bundshop, and Sugarlady. 


Pieces were priced between 300 RMB and 1,000 RMB (45-145 USD).


By working with small boutiques, we were able to get customer feedback from shop owners, and were able to adjust our products accordingly.

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