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Hi. I'm Emily. I'm a fashion designer.

I like to write about all things fashion, design, style, and industry.

I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009 with a BFA in Fashion Design.

I have worked in New York City and Shanghai, China as a knitwear designer for different companies.

I currently reside in NYC.

Please check out my featured work:

YouTube Channel: The Fashion Run-Up

I have written, filmed, edited, and published over 80 fashion content videos.

Article: 8 Reasons Fashion Designers Don't Dress Well

I write and publish my own fashion content articles. My most popular article has over 180,000 views on LinkedIn.

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All products reviewed are my honest opinion.

If I am 'gifted' products, I will clearly let you know in the review. All opinions will still be my honest own.