In Chinese culture, butterflies have a variety of meanings. Immortality, long life, young love, a happy social life, grace, joy, and are a symbol of summer. The meanings are grounded around the ideals of a fulfilled life; connection, growth,

happiness, and health.


It’s a common decoration for embroidery, chinaware,

home goods, and other pattern applications

accross various products.

The colors of butterflies, and the

structure of cocoons were combined for inspiration.                                                            


This collection embraces vibrant color, transparency, and layering.

It represents expression, vulnerability, and change. Reversibility is used in each

garment to prioritize versatility and functionality for the modern professional Chinese woman.



While working with Yours Life Shop, we sold a total of 46 pieces at an average price of 871 RMB (124.46 USD) per piece.


Customers loved the reversible concept. It really hooked them on initial introduction to our brand.

Our customers were working Chinese women who were married with a child, aged 28 to 40, from different parts of China, not just Shanghai. 


Customers preferred the classic styles like cardigans and tops, and asked for more color options.

This top and skirt were knitted in a 3-color birdseye jacquard structure.

The typical backside structure for the 3-color birdseye jacquard is the twill back alternating the 3 colors, every other row.


For every one stitch on the front, there are one and a half stitches on the back. This is a fabric imbalance of 66.6% (100% is balanced, meaning equal stitches on the front and back). As long as tensions are adjusted accordingly, this fabric imbalance is not an issue.

This stitch creates a solid foundation for exploration of reversible garments.


  • Reversible Birdseye Jacquard

  • Twill back structure

  • Alternating elastic and cotton yarns for elastic waistband

  • 3 Color Pattern 

  • Full-Fashioning

  • Tubular Armhole and Neck Seams

100% Cotton

30/2's   1 End each color

Colors: Black,

Lavender, Coral

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