All CAD's were done in Adobe Illustrator.

The vector garment shape and finishing details are created in Illustrator. Stitch renderings can also be done in Illustrator, as shown on the left page. Prints and patterns, if done from scratch are also done in Illustrator.

If the pattern comes from a clear image, it is developed, repeated, and recolored in Photoshop.

All prints were developed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Collaborating with a diverse range of brands’ designers through private label, these patterns were developed for knitted garments that are on brand, on trend, and on price for each respective label.

All layouts were designed and developed in Adobe InDesign.

I used the golden spiral, or Fibonacci spiral, to create fool-proof page layouts that contain movement and hierarchy of objects, guiding the viewer where to look and when.



All patterns were developed in Ned Graphics Easy Knit.

These renderings were developed for knitted garments for various brands. I supported many different design teams with unique needs and requirements, offering design solutions to expedite their development process.

All hand sketches were done with pencil. The color sketches were done with pen and marker.

Hand sketches done as flats with technical information, or on figures to communicate emotion, movement, depth, and aesthetic.

All swatches were developed by knit machine.

I take any concept and translate it into a knitted fabric.

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I am passionate about knitwear, and I

hope to bring that to your design team.

In light of the current situation, I am also available for remote freelance.

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