This collection was inspired by my collaboration with Sebastian + Barquet, a furniture and art gallery in New York City. This show was presented in association with the Save The Garment Center campaign to help save the NYC Garment District from raised rent, relaxed zoning laws, and a continued decrease in local production.

I chose Feliciano Bejar's Magiscopes as my inspiration. Sculptural pieces made of a round glass disc with cut semi-spheres in an industrial steel frame and gear base.

While only one garment was allowed for the show, I carried on the inspiration to create a full capsule collection.

"Some distort, some define, but always they give us a new vision. As their generic name indicates, they are instruments to see magically, to see the magic and poetry that exists all around us all the time, but that our indifferent eyes do not wish to perceive."

-Feliciano Bejar

I am passionate about knitwear, and I hope to bring that to your design team.

In light of the current situation, I am also available for remote freelance.

Please contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Emily Keller

Knitwear Designer

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