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Clothes I Made At The Fashion Institute of Technology

I made this jacket in school in 2009! It's a hand knit, merino wool, cable intarsia cropped jacket.

It's really thick, and really heavy. 😅

This was part of my final graduating runway look at The Fashion Institute of Technology. ⬇️

I recently released a video on my YouTube channel where I talk about old school projects and the garments I made while in school.

This jacket was one of them. I talk about the process of making it, and the construction details.

Check out the video below.

This video specifically goes over knitted garments I made. I have another video below it where I talk about woven / tailored garments I made in school.

Wovens video!

I made gold jeans 👖, a houndstooth lined winter coat, a silk wrap corset, and more!

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