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How To Tailor a Shirt That Is Too Big

I hope you find this shoulder and chest alteration video useful! It has helped me have better fitting tailored / button down shirts.

You can choose to just decrease the shoulder width, or you can extend the darts down to the chest to decrease the chest width as well, or you can extend it all the way down to the hem to decrease the hem width too!

Links to my previous versions of the shoulder fix are here. They’re just slightly different ways to adjust the shoulder seams of a tailored shirt:

This garment is lighter, and hopefully more visible than the black garment I used in the first video.

Shoulder fit is the most important area to improve on because your shoulders frame your face.

As you go about your day, your face and shoulder area is usually the most noticed part of your body by other people.

A darker garment, but still a useful option on how to decrease shoulder width on a garment.

Have you tried this out yet? Let me know how it goes!

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