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Personal Style Review 1

Emily Keller Personal Style

For a long time, I never cared or thought much about what I wear. This is quite normal in the culture of fashion designers. Very unlike the culture of fashion media and journalism, where style expectations are impossibly high for those that work in this field.

That culture sometimes spills over to the design side of the industry in brands that have departments that interact and work together often and closely.

Design departments are more likely to have their own culture in brands that have segregated departments that don’t often communicate.

I decided to stop using “I’m a fashion designer” as an excuse to have effortless style. Literally, I’ve spent a long time putting no effort into my style.

Here is my first documented attempt at developing a personal style.

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

This easily becomes a life-long journey as personal style constantly changes with personal growth. I guess I’m in it for the long haul.

The good news is, key concepts that work can be habitually utilized for a lifetime. This should make it easier over time.

One thing I always try to remember is it’s okay to make outfit mistakes. And it’s okay to post them. This shows the natural progression of what it’s like to develop personal style. I try not to be afraid of bad outfits, because I learn just as much from them as I do from good outfits.

A lot of outside criticism can come from friends, coworkers, and family while exploring style. And granted, only because they choose to play it safe, they might not have those horrendously bad style days you sometimes encounter from trying something new. But they sure as hell won’t have those magical style days when everything seamlessly works and you are seen as a next-level specimen.

Since I’m using Instagram as the main platform to present these concepts, I’ll use Instagram’s grid layout to separate groups of 9 photos at a time and discuss why I’m doing what.

You have to start somewhere, right? Here are the first nine photos. A little bit of athleisure with the Nike joggers, Adidas sneakers, and slide sandals. A little bit of sheer tops for allure and depth. Cut-off G-Star Raw denim shorts for edge.

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

Elements that work:

  1. Red top. Because I love dark red, and will make it work. Brings out the red undertones in my skin.

  2. Tucked in shirts. Gives a defined waistline.

  3. Nude or pink shoes. This could be a good color for accessories that are not next to my face. I like light shoes with a balance of a medium colored pant, and dark colored top. An upward gradient.

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

Elements that don’t work:

  1. Nude or pink tops. They seem to wash out my face.

  2. An undefined waist. This doesn’t mean I have to tuck my shirt in. The Nike joggers seem to give a more defined waistline than the denim shorts, especially with untucked shirts.

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

Other Notes:

  1. I’m on the fence about the gray top. The sheer and the body-skimming I like. I’m not sure if it’s the best color for me.

  2. Dark shoes give a heavier image and feel more grounded.

  3. Light shoes give a lighter image, like walking on air.

There’s my first style breakdown. Check out my Instagram @emilykellerco to see the latest looks, and where all the pieces are from.

I hope this encourages you to develop your personal style, take risks, and make mistakes!

What’s one thing you would improve about your style? Comment below.

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