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Personal Style Review 2

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

This is still the beginning. The second group of 9 photos to my rocky start on the personal style journey.

Perhaps I should be embarrassed to be a fashion designer lacking styling skills. But this is quite normal in the industry, as fashion designers are not stylists.

Even though I’m not a stylist, I’m heavily involved in the fashion industry, and have my own unique knowledge and skill sets related to style and wardrobe.

At this point it’s more like the blind leading the blind, but bear with me now, and you’ll master how to dress like a fashion designer later.

Being remarkable in some way is what causes individuals to stand out, and I see this personal style project going 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Being known for being remarkably good at something (influence and style): The Kim Kardashian Path: She started with a young, sloppy, trendy style. She is now insanely successful and recently won the first-ever CFDA Influencer Award. I wouldn’t be mad at this path, minus the sex tape.

  2. Being known for being remarkably bad at something (singing / songwriting): The Jan Terri Path: She is known for her off-key, cringe-worthy singing, and low-budget, amateur music videos. As embarrassing of a path as this might be, it has potential to lead to other opportunities.

  3. Not being remarkable at all, and therefore being unknown: The Invisible Path: Not doing anything remarkable enough for the public to even talk about.

There really shouldn’t be anything embarrassing about any of the paths above. I figure the most embarrassing path, is not trying at all.

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

Elements that work:

  1. The silk button-down fully tucked in, maybe with long sleeves unrolled.

  2. Two-tone denim outfits. Also, multi-dimensional denim could be nice.

Emily Keller Personal Style Fashion

Elements that don’t work:

  1. The boxy denim top. I already altered this top to be more figure-flattering. It appears reincarnated in my later Instagrams, much improved.

  2. The skinny jeans. The waist is too low. As a general rule, it’s better for clothing to end at narrow parts of the body. Pants that go to the natural waist are ideal.

  3. The crop top with pants that sit below the belly button. The crop top would work better with higher waisted pants. Atleast 1” above the belly button. No visible belly button seems like a good rule to follow.

  4. The cream/gray sneakers. They don’t go well with my skin tone.

Final thought:

  1. My footwear game needs to improve.

In the true spirit of the blind leading the blind, ask me a style question that’s got you stumped! Post in the comments below, and I’ll answer! :)

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