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8 Reasons Fashion Designers Don't Dress Fashionably

Today is the 1-year anniversary of my article, 8 Reasons Fashion Designers Don't Dress Well. I just reread the whole thing, and I like how honest and unedited it is. There's a certain realness to it.

I just found Man Repeller's podcast last week, called Monocycle. I'm thinking back to listening to Episode 54: Is The Personal Essay Dead? I'm trying to decide if my article is personal essay style. I guess not, because it's not a personal story or experience about me. Ok good. I don't want to come off as too self-centered. Glad I dodged the personal essay bullet. But wait, is this blog post personal essay style?! I give up.

In the 4th paragraph, where I talk about 'unknown designers', I think back to not having a name quite yet for them. But it's official now. I've coined the term 'silent fashion designers'. Spread the word.

Since the mainstream term 'fashion designers' is reserved for household names like Alexander Wang, or Diane Von Fürstenberg (I should stop using her as an example because her last name is so hard to spell. I always have to google it. Not good for time management), I felt I needed to come up with a name for the fashion designers that work for AW and DVF. The ones that sit behind a desk 9-5, make sub-par pay with sub-par benefits (or often-times none at all), and no one knows their name. I am one of them, so I have a special place in my heart for 'silent fashion designers'.

It's strange that I'm a fashion designer, and so is Alexander Wang, but what each of us does on a day-to-day basis, is very, VERY different. I felt the need to differentiate 'fashion designers' from 'silent fashion designers'.

We deserve our own voice and identity, separate from mainstream media's idea of what is a 'fashion designer'.

Comment below if you're a fashion designer and let me know how you dress. Out of my 8 reasons fashion designers don't dress fashionably, which one resonates with you the most?

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